Distance Learning

Teaching Adult Students OnlineTeaching Adult Students Online: A Corporate Geek Girl’s Journal  (Paperback version, 162 pages, ISBN-10: 1507632142; eBook Version, ISBN-13: 978-1507632147), will provide you with some key elements to consider while teaching adult students online.

Throughout her career in information technology Patricia has witnessed a transformation in how conglomerates hire, train, and share information. Gone are the days of on-site interviews, face-to-face staff meetings, and in-house corporate training. Those changes have been motivated by advancements in technology, and this steady pace of change only appears to be accelerating. Employees are expected to learn new innovations and associated processes, and management must also adopt new ways to share knowledge and retrain staff to stay competitive. However, corporations are not the only entities facing the challenges that come with the progression of technology; academic institutions are also exploring innovations and developing strategies to help faculty become more effective and technology-savvy instructors.

While pursuing a PhD in information technology education, one of Patricia’s professors advised her students to keep a journal of learning objectives and research findings throughout their educational journeys. These personal journals would become valuable references to them once they commenced on their own journeys to teach higher education courses online. As a result, she began to observe similar teaching fundamentals in corporate and academia. Teaching Adult Students Online: a Corporate Geek Girl’s Journal will highlight key areas to consider throughout your journey teaching adults online. Whether we like it or not, our world is becoming more virtualized, and as technology continues to evolve, so will the ways in which we learn, teach, and do business.

Distance Learning: Is it Right for You?  (Paperback version, 111 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9899042-0-9; eBook Version,  ISBN: 978-0-9899042-1-6), will provide the basic knowledge you need to ease into your distance learning experience.

During the past decade there has been a substantial increase in the number of students participating in distance learning programs offered by universities globally. The popularity of learning in this type of environment can be attributed to the fast-paced evolution of information technology. The convenience of choosing a distance learning program can be of great benefit for busy individuals: students with full-time jobs, full-time mothers, and those who wish to reside near their families while attending college. Distance learning can be a rewarding experience equal to, and perhaps even greater than, education in a traditional classroom environment.

Topics include: types of distance learning delivery methods, financial aid resources, available degree options, necessary tools, skills used and acquired in distance learning, and the importance of health and education. We also include a list of top universities offering free distance learning courses so that you can get a taste of how you might adapt to a distance learning environment. While reading this book consider your own strengths and weaknesses to determine whether distance learning is the right choice for you.


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  1. Joan Ptolemy

    This book was very informative and gave me some very good ideas that I can persue.

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